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ConsenCIS Classic Portal

The ConsenCIS Classic Web Portal provides capabilities that businesses will appreciate as they establish or upgrade their web presence. The idea behind a portal is a single point of entry into the numerous applications that an organization uses in its website to conduct business. The web provides a natural starting point as so many applications are either web based or web accessible. The ConsenCIS Classic Portal is specifically designed to be the best application starting point for small and medium size businesses, especially those who have decided that just owning a web site isn't enough.

Most business owners are familiar with the idea of a website as a brochure with an email response page. Modern websites provide more flexibility to customers and prospects. Configuration tools and online purchasing have become common. A comprehensive site allows the business owner to make updates as facts change. The ConsenCIS Classic Portal provides these basics and more.

Using Classic ASP 3.0 the websites built using the ConsenCIS Classic Portal are ideal for low to medium volume applications (up to a few thousand users) that don't quite require the processing power of ASP.Net and its overhead. Designed with Microsoft SQL Server database, it is built for business.

There is an enormous amount of capability. "Out of the box" it includes 256 executable programs covering a wide variety of application needs. Once you arrange for hosting and register your internet name (i.e. "yourcompany.com), it only takes a few minutes to install the database and portal modules. A few more minutes to configure some basics and your homepage is up and running. Within an afternoon you can have a multipage website up and running and serving your business.

It is also easy to extend to meet application specific needs. Do you want the website to compute propeller efficiency, intravenous flow rates, electromagnetic flux, organize a group to promote a political agenda or demonstrate how to get bees out of a wall? These are a few possibilities. The portal allows your developer to concentrate on just what you need and not a lot of boilerplate that every web application requires.

The portal uses CSS to control formatting consistently across the entire application. This gives you the ability to design a "skin" for the application that makes your site pop with your personal style.

Using the portal, you'll be able to change the content and structure of your website from anywhere in the world. You won't need programming skills to be able to create and maintain an attractive highly capable web presence. The HTML editor works like MS Word so you don't have to learn how to write formatting tags. Portal pages are built from modules that are commonly requested by businesses considering a website. Click on the Features Menu to learn about the current suite of modules.

With its state-of-the-art design, you'll be delighted with how adaptable your website can be.

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