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Design Patterns and Analysis Patterns

Design patterns are about programming, analysis patterns are about business. You'll get plenty of value from investing in either, but analysis patterns dominate when you are trying to solve a business problem. ConsenCIS uses patterns to analyze businesses and design software.

Pattern based design is the key to creating robust applications. When you make the investment in a new system you should demand more than the knowledge of a particular business expert or software designer. Only after creating a number of software systems for specific applications do the patterns begin to emerge. Patterns become the expression of the cumulative experience of the designer and those who have gone before him. Each designer adds his own bit of expertise to the whole. It is just foolhardy to start from scratch any more. ConsenCIS patterns are used in every one of our applications.

ConsenCIS software and custom designs implement a set of conceptual models with great flexibility and usefulness for business problems:
  • Accountability
    • Items, Parties, Events
    • Relationships
    • Effectivity
  • Measurements and Results
    • Units of measure
    • Processes and protocols
    • Outcomes
  • Planning & Scheduling
    • Processes
    • Work flow
    • Status
    • Recurrence
  • Agreements & Transactions
    • Parties
    • Requests
    • Payments
    • Specifications
    • Options